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New Hindu Mandir Temple

Present Hindu Mandir has been serving the Hindu community for the past 23 years and is a result of relentless efforts of various members and Samitis.
Need is felt for constructing a new mandir at a new location due to various compelling reasons:
  • We have permission for housing up to 150 persons in the building and are challenged for additional space during usual festivals.
  • We are housed in a building which is culturally protected and cannot be altered to expand.
  • Poor insulation in the building leads to high heating costs.
Present Samiti is thus of a strong opinion that a new temple must be built on a new premise in Greater Stockholm area that serves Hindu Community for the present and future generation. Present Samiti has made a basic plan of the proposed Hindu Temple which is expected to cost 25 to 28 Million SEK.
Salient features of the plan are:
  • Main hall for upto 1000 people capacity
  • A separate hall to host events for up to 1000 people capacity
  • A kitchen area for cooking food and a dining area for up to 200 people capacity
  • Hawan-vedika for marriages and general hawan
  • Cloak Room with Jackets, Shoes and kids-stroller storage facility
  • Wheelchair accessibility, Parking facility and library
  • Easy connectivity with Public transportation
We invite participation from all esteemed members to contribute to the best of their abilities by donation as well as extending interest free loans (guaranteed by Samiti) for 5 years term.
Direct contact for any further queries: Bank account details for contribution:
SE-Banken 5364 34 931 34.
The money collected in “New land for New Mandir” will be used to establish the new Mandir.